Dental Patient Finance
A Division of Gulfco Leasing, LLC
Understanding Your Customer's Credit

Program Highlights

Our consumer financing product has many features that will give your business the ability to retain and close more sales. Some highlights include:

  • Financing Down to a 520 Credit Score
  • Financing Options Between $1,000 and $20,000
  • Payment Within 72 Hours of Your Sale
  • Terms Up To 72 Months
  • 100% Unprotected, Zero Recourse Consumer Financing
  • Use as a Secondary Platform to Primary Financing 

How The Dental Patient Finance Process Works

  • Businesses log into an easy to use online portal and quickly apply for instant financing on the customers behalf.
  • The approved business builds in the required discount rate determined by the credit profile of the borrower.
  • The discount rate applied to a loan is a function of the customer’s credit and financial profile.
  • The higher the risk, the higher the discount rate.
  • All state laws regarding discount and interest rate are built into the system.
  • Within approximately 15 minutes the portal delivers an “Approval” or “Decline” notice.
  • The customer pays low, simple interest rates with no unfair or confusing terms and no hidden fees. Interest rates and payments do not change for the life of the loan.
  • Customers with distressed credit can still qualify and benefit from desirable and affordable interest rates, payments and terms.
  • Customers can use the program to affordably rebuild their credit.


Dental Patient Finance

  • We teach you how to absorb 0% of the merchant discount rate and instead receive 100% of the sale. No longer will you as a business be expected to take the hit on discount rates. We have a system where if your product costs $5000, then you will receive $5000. We additionally teach you how to share the cost of the money when it’s required to get the deal done.
  • Dental Patient Finance will approve customers all the way down to a 550 credit score and are approving about 30-50% of the credit turndowns experienced by big banks. By allowing Dental Patient Finance to additionally have the prime paper, we are able to approve a higher percentage of the low credit customers. How is Consumer Finance Solutions able to do this? Simply put, Dental Patient Finance wants the business more than Big Banks do and are thus willing to work harder. When we see any applicant apply for credit, we don’t just look at their FICO score and read that as the whole story like Big Banks. We look at their last year, see if they’ve been making their payments on time, and give them a fighting chance to get approved. We know America hasn’t been the same over the past 3 years and we give those people who have been showing improvement a chance by approving their loan application.
  • Dental Patient Finance will typically have 100% of the funds in your account within 72 hours.
  • Dental Patient Finance offers a promotional special on almost all approved loans. For sub-prime borrowers, we typically include a 0% APR option for 12 months. For prime and near-prime borrowers, additional specials are available like 90 days differed payments.
  • Dental Patient Finance charges a monthly fee of $69.95. This cost covers all credit checks ran, and really is reflected in our dedication to getting your loans approved. We don’t ask for any long term contracts, and you’re not leasing anything from us. You simply pay $69.95/month to have access to our safe, secure, web portal that will help grow your business.



Approved Industries

Other industries are being added all the time so please check with us to see if your business is approved

Repair / Tires Sales
Auto Body
Transmission Repair
Oil Change
Tune ups

Professional Services
Doctor Offices
Medical Procedures
Dental Offices
Dental Procedures
Chiropractic Offices
Veterinarian Offices
Plastic Surgery

Home Improvement
Flooring / Tile
Kitchen & Bath
Plumbing / HVAC
Water Treatment Systems

Medical Equipment
Medical Scooters
Chair Lifts
Hearing Aids
Stair Lifts

Home Purchases
Home Exercise Equipment
Bedding / Mattress
Custom Beds


Power Sports
Wave Runners & Other Recreational Vehicles


Credit Score vs. Loan Amount

  • Credit Challenged (520-650) - Max Loan Amount $10,000 - Max Term 48 Months
  • Near Prime (650-700) - Max Loan Amount $20,000 - Max Term 72 Months
  • Prime (700+) - Max Loan Amount $20,000 - Max Term 72 Months

General Approval Criteria

  • 520 plus credit score
  • 1 year on the job or in the same industry
  • Minimum $1,200 gross monthly income
  • No open  collection accounts or open bankruptcies

(877) 397-5250